Law Faculty Association Rotterdam

The Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Rotterdam (JFR), which stands for Law Faculty Association Rotterdam, is thé association for the students of the Erasmus School of Law. With 4000 members, the JFR is one of the biggest and most professional law faculty association in the Netherlands and one of the biggest and oldest associations at the Erasmus University.

The association organizes several formal and informal activities for its members, all of which have some judicial relevance. Examples are movie nights, excursion, and study trips. The goal is to close the gap between the theories taught in class and the way law is practiced in the ‘real world’.

Besides the formal activities, there is a lot of time for socializing. All members can enjoy free consumptions at the monthly social drink.

All of these activities are organized by committees, member of which are called active members. These committees are essential for the JFR and make all of this possible. For example the International Committee create activities for the international students. You can find all the committees listed under ‘Committees’.

Besides committees, the JFR also has ‘disputen’ and ‘onderverenigingen’. These are sub-associations, all of which focus on a specific area of law or a certain study. The main focus of these sub-association is the bachelor 3 and master students or a specific group. When you are a member of the JFR, the first membership of one of these sub-associations is for free. Under ‘Sub-associations’ you can find some additional information.

In the V-building the JFR has its headquarter, which is called the ‘Shop’ (VB-56). You can always visit the Shop for free coffee, a chat, and for any questions you might have about the JFR, its activities, and a membership!

If you want more information, or in case you want to register as a member, you can contact us at . You are a member for just € 18,- a year.