The committees are the backbone of the JFR. Groups of active members make sure all kinds of activities are organized during the year.

Ball Committee (Galacommissie)

The Ball Committee organizes the ball of the JFR. They come up with a theme and book a nice location. Last year the ball took place at MyKech and the theme was Great Gatsby Gala.

Congress Committee (Congres Commissie):

The Congress Committee is responsible for organizing special JFR-lectures for students throughout the year. We invite a wide range of famous lawyers and lecturers to provide us with educational and fun lectures on a broad range of topics.

Yearbook Committee (Almanak Commissie):

The Yearbook Committee creates a yearbook annualy, which will be released right before the summer break. In this book you will find fun stories and photos that summarize the year.

First Year Committee (Eerstejaarscommissie):

The First Year Committee is created for and by first year students. The committee focuses on organizing educational and fun activities for the first year law students, such as the first years weekend.

Marketing Committee (Marketing Commissie):

The Marketing Committee is responsible for all kinds of marketing activities for the JFR.

Interact Committee:

The International committee of JFR organizes law-relevant events for students. The focus lies on international students, but Dutch students can participate in the activities as well.

Meesterweek Committee (Meesterweek Commissie):

The Meesterweek Committee organizes a whole week full of educational activities for all Erasmus law students each year. The Meesterweek is the biggest recruitment event by and for law students in the Benelux.

Editorial Committee (Redactie Commissie):

The Editorial Committee is the committee behind the legal website The committee makes sure that the website is filled with interesting law related articles.

Alumni Committee (Alumni Commissie):

The Alumni Committee focuses on the relationship between JFR members and ex-Board members. For example, by organizing alumnidrinks.

Seniors' Travel Committee (Ouderejaars Reiscommissie):

The Talent Trip organizes a two week trip for excellent students from the Erasmus School of Law to a country outside of Europe. Law comparison plays a central role during this trip.

Freshmen's Travel Committee (Eerstejaars Reiscommissie):

The Freshmen's Travel Committee organizes a trip solely for first year students. The trip takes place in a country in Europe and will last for 4 or 5 days.

Minor's Travel Committee (Minorcommissie):

The Minor Committee organizes the minortrip for minor students. This year the trip went to Greece and Malta.

Cultural Committee (Culturele Commissie):

The Cultural Committee organizes cultural events, but also the Right Movie Night. An example of an activity is the Museum night.

Pro Bono Committee (Pro Bono Commissie):

The Pro Bono Committee gives lessons on Dutch Rights to children on primary schools.

Academy Committee (Academy Commissie):

The Academy Committee organizes study-related activities and the skillsweek as well.

Active Members Committee (Actieve Leden Commissie):

The Active Members Committee organizes al kinds of activities for the active members of the JFR. An example is the DisCo-day.

Sports Committee (Sportcommissie):

The Sports Committee organizes the skiing trip but also other sports activities such as bowling and golfing.

Eurekaweek Committee (Eurekaweekcommissie):

The Eurekaweek Committee makes sure that the new students get to know the JFR when they are at the Eurekaweek. They have stands on the information market but they also organize acitivities during this week.

Lustrum Committee (Lustrum Commissie):

The Lustrum Committee organizes a week of festive activities to celebrate our lustrumyear. Next year will be our 55th year.

Senior Student Committee (Ouderejaarscommissie):

The Senior Student Committee organizes fun and formal activities for the students of the second, third, or masterfase.

Furthermore there are several committees for advising and monitoring the JFR-Board. Such as the ‘Beleidsadvies Commissie’, the ‘Kascommissie’, and de ‘Raad van Advies’.