Interact Committee

In the past 50 years, the JFR has been serving Dutch law students to narrow the gap between theories and practice. However, now the scope is broadened. The Interact Committee of JFR especially organizes law-relevant events for international students, for instance, legal move nights, study trips and social dinners. Without any doubt, Dutch students will participate these events as well. Hence, Interact truly provides oversea students with a local view of the law and unites the students through formal and informal activities that are held both inside and outside the Erasmus University.

Furthermore Interact will help the JFR to internationalize her communication channels and make sure the international students of the Erasmus School of Law are noticed within, and guided around at, the JFR.

Especially for the international students at the ESL we created a Facebookpage. Please make sure you become a member of this page and ask the JFR and ESL all the things you want to know.

Interactcommittee 2016/2017

Genny Liu, Carin Vogelij, Deveney Petrus (Chairwoman), Danny Braakman, Isabelle van der Stel and Alexander Peijer (boardmember).