The JFR has eight ‘disputen’ and two ‘onderverenigingen’. The ‘disputen’ focus merely on a certain field of law and the ‘onderverenigingen’, or sub-associations, focus on special groups of students.


Trade & Transport Law Association:

The Trade & Transport Law Association aims to involve internationally oriented students interested in the field of trade and transport, by organizing various activities related to this specific area of law.


Pleitdispuut D.J. Veegens:
Pleitdispuut D.J. Veegens organizes plea courses and master classes for students who want to improve their plea skills.

Strafrechtelijk Dispuut Wichmann:
Strafrechtelijk Dispuut Wichmann organizes various activities which are all related to criminal law.

Privaatrechtelijk Dispuut Probus:
Probus is the civil law association of JFR and organizes activities related to this area of law.

Rotterdams Gezondheidsrecht Dispuut:
The Rotterdams Gezondheidsrecht Dispuut focuses on health law and organizes formal and informal activities for students who are interested in health law.

Publiekrechtelijk Dispuut Ius Mobile:
Ius Mobile organizes activities related to constitutional law, administrative law and international law.

Arbeidsrechtelijk Dispuut:
The Arbeidsrechtelijk Dispuut organizes various activities which are all related to labour law.

Ondernemingsrechtelijk Dispuut:
The Ondernemingsrechtelijk Dispuut focuses on students who are interested in commercial law, financial law or civil law. The association organizes various activities related to these specific areas of law.



Criminologie In Actie:
Criminologie in Actie (CIA) organizes activities for criminology students, such as lectures and excursions.


Astrea organizes activities for honours students (from EHLC).